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Serious, low risk, bang for buck taste of how good really is.

Our Versatile contest module integrates with any trading platform, allowing you to create your rebranded Contests in less that 5 minutes.

A New Marketing Channel For Brokers

Utilize our platform to create an alternate marketing channel for your brand with minimal investment. Your customer data is secured.

Key Highlights
  • Create your branded contest online in less than 5 mins, yes less time than it takes to make a nice double ristretto
  • Support for scheduled or on-demand contests
  • Fully automated marketing campaign management via email and integrated social media
  • Supports both virtual and real funds
  • Partner ready to support Affiliates and IBs contests
  • Production ready API Integration with MT4/MT5 and FIX based trading platforms

Why Us


Gather Credible Leads

Our simple and effective onboarding process generates credible leads for your business


Minimize Your Cpa

Our flexible packages guarantee minimal cost per acquisition to expand your customer base


A New Marketing Channel

Utilize our platform to create an alternative marketing channel for your brand with minimal investment


Multiple Contests

Create multiple contests with distinct assets to gather credible leads


Multiple Assets

Select multiple assets for your contests to research on market trends



Create contests in multiple languages to impact a global audience

Easily Set Up And Run Forex Competitions That Drive Real User Engagement

A highly configurable platform designed from the ground up to address the challenges of Lead and Volume generations.

Run Multiple Contest
Choose Asset types
Multilingual Support
Publish Contest in 10 minutes
Device Agnostic Contest Platform
Manage Contestant
Level Up Your Engagement

Contestant portal is a secure application gateways designed to provide contestant with a single point of access to competition’s leaderboard, registration and other details.

Gather Credible Leads

Unlike other platforms we verify the entries to social networks and mobile number. This reduces the number of steps required to enter, saves you time & drives higher quality entries into your competition.

Built with Referral Channel

Reach more potential entrants by allowing users to refer their friends. Supports social sharing as well!

Embedded Contests

Our widget can be embedded anywhere - on your landing page, your blog, inside a Facebook Tab or on our simple Hosted Landing Pages.

Host Your Contest Anywhere

Quickly execute competitions in your preferred domain. Our default templates are free, easily customizable to match your branding, and perfect if you don't have your own website ready.

Grow Your Social Engagement With A Leaderboard

We make it easy to filter the entries, real winners and then announce them in the portal or widget as social proof. Leaderboard score is based on NAV and Gain % which you can configure in the admin portal.

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