Terms & Condition

By making an account with Simple2Trade (The “Company”) and by using its website, the investor/trade leader agrees to be bound by this agreement. This agreement is executed and made effective between Simple2Trade and the investor/trade leader upon the approval of the latter’s iMiTrading account.

The products and services offered by Simple2Trde are made available through the company’s website (the “Site”). By accessing the site, the investor/trade leader indicates to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions for its use. The company reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice to the investor/trade leader. The continued use by the investor/trade leader of the site constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of the changes made.
The iMiTrade copy trading platform is a copy trading system. The iMiTrade platform facilitates the trade leaders to create accounts and strategies which can be followed by the investors. On trade creation, modification, closure actions by the trade leaders the iMiTrade platform retrieves respective followers (or investors) and sends signal to replicate the actions on to investor’s broker for execution. Before replicating the actions/ trades the system checks for followers’ (or investors) account settings and preferences e.g. leverage, balance available and existing open positions etc. to decide the lot size and actions. The investor reserves the right to follow or unfollow a trade leader.
All investors/trade leaders who shall create an account with Simple2Trade may use the website’s services in any trading related activity provided that they cannot use any other trading platform, service or API to order trades, modify trades, close trades or perform any other trading related activities. The company reserves the right to file the appropriate action against any investor/trade leaders who shall violate the restriction provided herein.
The company only provides a platform for the investors to follow or connect with trade leaders who have been proven to have performed exceptional trading skills. The investor/ trade leader agrees that the company, its agents or any of its employees is not liable for any losses incurred by the investor through the use of the iMiTrade platform. The company, its agents and/or employees shall also not be liable with the losses which may be incurred due to the volatility of the stock market. Investing in the stock market is risky and the investor must assess the amount of risk that his financial situation can manage.
By logging in to the company’s website, the investor/trade leader agrees to assume all risk in connection with all trading related actions that he may execute using the platform provided therein. The investor further agrees that he understand that the information disseminated on the website represents impersonal, disinterested opinions and commentary of iMiTrade and its employees and agents, but that the information does not constitute as an investment advice or a recommendation to trade using any specific trade leader. The company shall also not be liable for any misrepresentation made by any trade leader that the investor should follow.
The investor’s use of the company’s website is at his own risk. The investor/trade leader agrees that the company and/or any of its agents shall not be liable in any event and under any circumstance for whatever actual damages resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising out of the use of, transaction with trade leaders, content or other information available through the services offered on the site. The company does not provide any warranties of whatever kind for the contents found in the website.
The investor/trade leader further agrees that the company also makes no guarantee whatsoever as to the information provided to the investors by trade leaders using their respective strategies. The investor alone assumes the risk of following whatever recommendations, representations or trading information provided by the trade leaders they follow. The investor/trade leader also agrees that the company is also not liable for any wrongful information or misrepresentations made by the trade leader. It is most recommended that the investor conducts his own study or review of the trade leader’s strategies and other related matters that may aid him in determining the efficiency of the trading ability of the trade leader.
By logging to his account, the investor agrees to pay a percentage of his profit to the trade leader upon the issuance of an invoice, which payment shall be charged on the credit card registered and authorized by the investor. The fee and profit share shall be payable only when the investor follows the trade leader’s iMiTrade plan using the live trading account (and not using demo or practice account). The investor further agrees to pay payment processing fee which shall be collected by the company.
On the other end, the trade leader agrees to pay the company 10% of all profits made by him through payments made to him by his followers. Such profit share shall be charged on the trade leader’s registered and authorized credit card.
The investor and the trade leader agree that on the 1st day of each month that their account with iMiTrade is active, the investor’s fee plus processing fee shall be debited from the registered and authorized credit card of the investor and credited to the company’s account and on the 15th day of each month, the company will pay the trade leader all shares earned from the profits made by the investors following them after deducting the 10% share of the company. The fees shall be credited to the trade leader’s bank registered bank account. In case of failure to update of the trade leader’s bank account, all payments shall be simultaneously credited to him once the updated bank account is registered with iMiTrade platform.
The investor and the trade leader further agree that the company will not be liable in case of failure of the investor to pay the required fees due to glitches in the credit card company’s system or any other reasons beyond the control of the company.
The investor/trade leader agrees that iMiTrade shall have the right to terminate the account of any investor/trade leader who violates the provisions in this agreement. The notice of termination shall be sent to the registered e-mail address of the investor/trade leader and shall be made effective within 24 hours from the date of notice.
All data collected by the company such as those voluntarily provided by the investor/trade leader at the time of registration are considered company property. The investor/trade leader agrees to allow the company to use the data they provided to be used by the company to provide, maintain and improve the company’s services and to develop new services. All data collected are used to identify all users logged in to the iMiTrade platform and to monitor their trade related actions. The investor/trade leader further agrees that, except for credit card information and bank account data, the company may use all other data provided and share the same with its subsidiaries to reinforce the company’s marketing strategy.
The investor/trade leader agrees that this agreement shall be bound by the laws of Australia and all disputes arising out of any violation of any provision in this agreement shall be dealt with by way of Australia Arbitration Law.
This contract shall be deemed effective immediately after the notice of approval of the account registration is sent to the registered e-mail address of the investor/trade leader.

Privacy Policy

By using this website, the user agrees to provide personal information to the company in his account which shall be used only for business purposes. This information will be used by the company to assess your trading capacity, to protect your requests and transactions and to inform you of the products and services which may be of interest to you.

Cookies are used by the company to keep track of its visitors and their activities using the website. The company may set and access it’s cookies on your computer which allows us to know the kind of advertisements and promotions which you may bring to the company’s website. The information that is collected and shared through cookies are anonymous and unidentifiable.
The website uses security technology to protect the information submitted by the users and to prevent interception and leakage of information. The company continuous to exert effort in strengthening its security to ensure that personal information of users remain to be secured.
The company is allowed, under existing legislation, to share information with its affiliates for business purposes. Affiliates are entities that have a direct relation and/or interest to Simple2Trade Company. Simple2Trade is the owner of these companies. The company and its affiliates ensures the privacy of your information.
Other than its affiliates, the company does not share your information to third-party companies which may include other service providers, accountants, legal personnel, etc. The company may only release your information upon acquiring your consent.
Under exceptional circumstances, the company may disclose your personal information to third parties when required by legislation and in order to cooperate with the authorities in any investigation.